Band of Brothers

SCG_Neun a posted Dec 11, 18

Ask anyone with just a little bit of interest in military history and they will more than likely tell you that the most famous American military unit of WWII was the 101st Airborne, 506th group as depicted in the popular mini-series Band of Brothers.  Stephen Ambrose's great literary works chronicling US WWII combat has lifted up this particular group of men to unparalleled notoriety. 

For those of us fortunate to have traveled to Europe and gazed upon the actual battlefields you will undoubtedly stumble upon statues and plaques dedicated to this unit.  That in itself speaks volumes about their bravery and elite fighting capabilities that will forever represent the very best the United States had to offer.

Who were these men and where did they come from?  What motivated them to enlist with the airborne units?  For every young man not lost in combat or early in life there remains the remnants of the original unit as depicted in some of interviews they have made. 

Old men now, nothing special it would appear, but that's were we fail to stop and give them the respect and admiration they so rightly deserve.  Most of the men in these videos have passed on now as have most WWII veterans.  God grant them Peace, from all sides. 

Freedom, comes at a cost, a cost that these men can close thier eyes and remember.