This section will help to chronicle our original Staffels movement and combat experiences on the Eastern Front.  This should create a greater feeling of immersion to the men that really found themselves in a war they had no control over.  To follow orders and cover one another and live to see another day...was their daily routine.....

For a quick trip back into time.....check out the official Jagdgeschwader 52 site which is linked below.  Right click and select "translate to english" for your convenience.  This is the best reference site for this Unit.

Jagdgeschwader 52

Gearing up for the release of the Battle of Moscow October 1941.which will take a step backwards in time from our current Battle of Stalingrad Theater of War.  I have updated with an appropriate map showing our Staffel's location..from August to September 1941.

"Then, on 5 August – the very day that the last troops of the three Soviet armies trapped in the Smolensk pocket surrendered – II./ JG 52 suddenly received orders to move.

Leaving its base outside Vitebsk, to the northwest of the ‘cauldron’, the Gruppe (together with elements of JG 27) transferred 200 miles (320 km) northwards to Solzy. Here, close to Lake Ilmen, it came under the command of the northern sector’s Luftflotte 1. And it was along this northernmost stretch of the front, from Lake Ilmen up to Leningrad, on the Baltic, that the unit would operate throughout August and September."

Weal, John (2012-10-23). Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten (Aviation Elite Units) Osprey Publishing.

The current airfield in Solzy..which was probably in close proximity to the airstrip of 1941.


A building located in the town...which appears to have been standing during our unit's occupation of the area....