Welcome to our first Wehrmacht unit for Simulated Combat Group.

As a young man Guy Sajer's, Forgotten Soldier made such an impression on me and helped me to understand the war from somewhat of a non political viewpoint.  The book chronicles his daily stuggle within this elite unit throughout WWII and ushers the reader into the horror of life on the Eastern Front.

 It's excellent background material for anyone who wants to immerse themselves into the life of a front line soldier and it helps to honor the hardships and the sacrifice of all soldiers, Axis and Allied alike.

The PDG is also an excellent base unit for us to experience Post Scriptum and Tank Crew since it has elements of both infantry and armor organized within the unit and plenty of historical reference material from which to help create the historical background which allows us to fully immerse ourselves into this deadly conflict.

We are a new unit just getting started and "Post Scriptum" is in it's developmental stages so this is going to be a gradual process of learning the simulation and working together as an infantry/armor unit.  The really exciting thing is we get to be the founding members of this new unit and simulation.

In addition, "Tank Crew" will be coming out within the Great Battles series and we should have a base site foundation from which to mount up in our Panzer Regiment Grossdeutschland.  If it's anything like our beloved IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad series, it should be an amazing simulation.

What's that line from the movie, Bridge Too Far......"It's something you'll be able to tell your grandchildren....and mightily bored they'll be."  For me personally, I'm excited about the possibilities of recruiting new members with FPS skillsets and infantry/armor leadership skills to help train and fill in any gaps we might have in this particular combat niche.  

We've proven ourselves in the skies over the Eastern Front, there's no denying that....Now it's time to grab that MG42 and move forward...as a squad.

More to follow....