I just wanted to start laying the groundwork for offsetting some of the limitations of Tank Crew in its current form as it relates to scoring a Dead is Dead mission. And these are just suggestions and subject to 9th Kompanie input.

First, spawn tank kills should not be counted as KIA for us, or as Tank Kills either. The game, at least the Achtung Panzer server spawns a tank, and you can't even get in your tank for an extended period of time, while you are getting riddled with rounds. You can get killed before you ever even see the inside of your tank. Also, even despite this flaw, having a tank just suddenly appear is not very realistic.

Second, KIA's caused from aircraft that appear to ram your tank should not be counted as a death. Whether it's a game bug, as I've seen posted or not, kamikaze ramming tactics are just not realistic

Third , members are encouraged to "finish mission" if at all possible to avoid the inevitable KIA that will come in time to a disabled tank. All this is subject to the members own decision but it is the only way to bail from a knocked out tank/

Fourth , I can see where gameplay will be a bit different with DID tactics in place. Taking chances, or charging into a situation is inevitable and will have to be considered by the tactical leader, but slugging it out in a bad situation should probably be avoided. I think in the Tiger, if we are really careful, we should be alright. We might lose some tanks but KIA's should be manageable.

Fifth, Members who respawn after having your tank knocked out, need to use tactics which will allow them to as safe and as quickly as possible link up to existing units. Members in a DID mission are not free to use individual tactics unless authorized by the Leader. Everything is about unit cohesiveness.

Sixth, Just like in our flying DID getting those kills is cool, but dying in the process is not a winning scenario for the member in the long run.


How will this style of play affect our tactics? I think we might be hiding a lot more, maybe using some of the other tanks that aren't in our group, to take the chances and draw the fire. Hitting a base, without knowing the AI defenses might take a more coordinated approach, from different angles to allow members to pinpoint the location of artillery. Just getting a damn track knocked off, is a game changer.

We don't have any infantry, so we are vulnerable to flanking attacks, especially with the speed and maneuverability of the T34. We might have to put a spotter plane up or maybe some of our air units in force to secure air superiority or spot enemy tanks.

I have a basic AAR form for us setup in the Combat Events section. The combat results from these forms will come to myself and CorZero. We need to come up with a basic guideline for awards levels. I'll work on that now and we will place it before 9th Kompanie for approval.