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This is a basic lesson and is very general. Leaders will be expected to talk through the fine points individually with pilots under their charge. The expectation is that the Knowedge Check routines will be undertaken as often as possible within group flying as they can be.

This method of training aims to capitalise on the furture re-organization of the SCG squads where leaders will take a more direct role in mentoring their pilots and running their respective squads.

STAFFELKAPITANS AND ADJUTANTS - please begin to undertake this training with your Schwarm and Rottenfurhers immediately. The aim is to have those ranks familar with the routines before the month end so that they can cascade the training as they are assigned wingmen. This can be done in any group flying activity and doesnt need to be a schedule event although you should also consider 1:1s if you feel this would be benificial.

Thank you