The No. 501 Squadron is a newly formed unit dedicated to recreating as best we can through the use of computer simulation the historical contribution and sacrifice that these men underwent in the hostile skies over Western Europe in 1944-45.  The combat sim of choice will be the IL-2 Great Battles addition that will enable our cyber unit to form up and assemble for combat within the online war arenas.  

Our members strive to use historical tactics and operational procedures flying the "Dead is Dead" scoring system to promote a more real combat environment instead of the gaming mindset that many online squadrons pursue.  Our primary mission objective is to return to base with as many men as possible while at the same time striving to accomplish our mission objectives. 

When war was declared in September 1939, 501 Squadron was based at RAF Filton, near Bristol. On 10 May 1940, with the attack on France, the Squadron became part of the Advanced Air Striking Force and moved to France where it saw extensive action, stationed at airfields as Bétheniville, Anglure, Le Mans and Dinard.

Sgt. J.H. 'Ginger' Lacey of 501 Squadron shot down three enemy aircraft in a single day to win the Croix de Guerre. (He later returned to England with five victories). After the retreat from France through Saint Helier, Jersey, its battle-hardened pilots were reorganised at RAF Croydon and then moved on to RAF Middle Wallop and later RAF Gravesend (now Gravesend Airport). It subsequently served at RAF Kenley, south London, commanded by S/L. Harry Hogan, until 17 December 1940 by which time the squadron had claimed 149 enemy aircraft destroyed.

The squadron re-equipped with the Supermarine Spitfire in April 1941 and the squadron moved to Northern Ireland in October 1942. In April 1943 the squadron returned to Tangmere for bomber escort work – some pilots being issued with the Spitfire Mk IXc and in August 1944 converted to the Hawker Tempest Mk V at Manston.

Between November 1943 and October 1944 the squadron formed part of Air Defence of Great Britain and flew the Tempest Mk.V on "Anti-Diver" patrols. The squadron was disbanded at RAF Hunsdon at the end of the war on 20 April 1945. During World War II the pilots of No. 501 Squadron had flown 11,140 operational sorties,[14] in which they shot down 201 enemy aircraft and at least 84 V-1 flying bombs. (credit Wikipedia)

Our members will be using persona based immersion in honor of the historical unit... and will submit AAR's (After Action Reports) after every sanctioned "Dead is Dead" mission.  

The unit is just one of many falling under Simulated Combat Group and adheres to the rules and regulations setup by SCG.  We take our simulations fairly serious but we know how to have fun too.  We have a training program and do the best we can to assemble enough members to fly weekly. 

Our members are located in both Europe and North America and cover a fairly wide spectrum of time zones.  However EDT is the zone of choice for the NA members as most of our pilots are geographically located within that area.  EU members are active as well and many of the online combat servers are located in that area.

With the additon of the Tempest we have high hopes for increased UK interest in this unit.....

More to come......