Our Simulated Combat Group is taking the initiative to assemble a new unit to be primed and ready for the new "Tank Crew" simulation to be released soon for the second half of 2018.  This site will help us organize a recruitment drive and study the historical composition of the unit and have our members primed and ready when the simulation becomes available.  I'd like to have our server up and running soon with some new missions posted highlighting the awesome Tiger Tank which has recently been released.  Our anonymous friend  has been generous enough to start working on our units tank skins...A preview of which is posted here.

This site does not condone or promote any ideology or political agenda from either side of this conflict.  We tolerate both the Communist "Red Star" and the German "Swastika" for historical purposes only.  We view soldiers from all sides of this terrible conflict as men and women caught up in the political culture of this terrible time in history.  Soldiers and civilians who fought to survive another dreadful day, or stem the invasion of thier own country and prevent the destruction of their loved ones so far away.

Anyone interested is encouraged to join our forum and get acquainted with one another.  This unit will conform to Simulated Combat Group's respect for the simulation side of the game and we ask that prospective members be mature and commited to a "Dead is Dead" style of gameplay.  More to come on that within the forum.

Our Unit will be comprised of 9th Kompanie, III Abt. GD, Zug 1, Zug 2, and Zug 3 and Zug 4, each comprised of 4 tanks each, with 2 tanks assigned to the Kompanie level for a total of 16 or so battle tanks.  Missions have already begun, so make sure you sign up and join our happy hunters....