Don't be intimidated by our German theme, we also play under other nationalities and are currently excited about our Post Scriptum plans and the US Airborne units.

Greetings Kameraden.

The Fatherland needs you my friend, not to mention I get an extra meat ration stamp for every recruit I sign up.  What better way to see the world and some exciting  new places then to signup for a tour of duty with Simulated Combat Group.  

We guarentee you some quality time on the Eastern Front.....the "living space" you've heard so much about.   Looks like some time in  Holland as well, gotta love those windmills and all that blonde hair.  Of course what tour of duty would be complete without an assignment somewhere in Normandy. Plenty of real butter and some quality cider, and the girls not so bad either.......

We can't promise you anything as to your return, only that giving some time to our organization can give you a glimpse into what it must have been like to strap into the cockpit of a Bf-109, or clammer into the turret of a Tiger Tank.  Perhaps hitting the ground with a thud as a member of the 101st Airborne is more your style, or defending Arnhem Bridge against the damn Tommies...

We pride ourselves in doing the best we can in trying to recreate a little slice of this terrible time in history.  Currently we have a well established Luftwaffe Wing that is very well known and respected within the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad  and Cliff's of Dover, Blitz simulations. 

We are gearing up just now however for the soon to be released Post Scriptum land combat series which many believe will be the best WWII combat land simulation to come out in a long time.

We have a base theme of German Military organization, but we also have some Allied units and have plans for additional Allied units in the future.  So don't let our iron crosses scare you away.....  

Whether it's in the air. or on the ground, Simulated Combat Group, with branches in both NA and EU, will be working hard to create a friendly environment in which to share a trip back into time.  Our members strive to simulate the history we had previously only been able to experience through video, books and television.

We ask that our prospected members be over the age of 18 and that they understand that we do not tolerate foul or obnoxious language or behavior.  No, we aren't Saints, and we realize that well...sometimes things get a bit exciting and it's going to slip out.  But we like for our members to keep it clean most of the time... I mean even Microsoft XBox1 and other gaming platforms have profanity oversight built into thier system. 

We have a military style of organization and require our members to simulate combat using the "Dead is Dead" mindset.  So we don't game the game...we play like our cyber lives depend on making it back to base alive first...and secondly that we accomplish our mission. 

Just like in the real military, our goal is to support our unit and to make sure our squadmates make it  back home alive.  It's not about individuality here, it's about playing as a team, a Staffel, or squad of infantry.

We welcome various levels of skillsets within our unit.  So if you're the best darn simmer there is...come on in and help to make us better.  If you're like me...well I'm learning from the best all the time and everyone knows my contacts in Berlin got me my commission and this plush job at OKW Headquarters.

By the way, before I forget you can review our little disclaimer of sorts here: SCG Disclaimer  We don't want to give the wrong impression politics or ideology will not be tolerated here.  

With the creation of the virtual reality world 3D enhancements can give you a combat experience that we could have only dreamed about before. 

So if you are interested in finding out more about our group, please don't hesitate to contact us through the site here, or if you have decided to give us a go, just submit the enlistment application and we will get back with you. 

Remember to check that junk mail bin if you can't seem to find our reply......


Applications can be made to either Fighter Wing, 4./JG52, 2./JG51, Heavy Fighter/Bomber Wing, 5./ZG1, and our newly formed Combat Infantry/Armor Section. Our ground forces are comprised of the 9th Kompanie, Grosdeutschland Heavy Panzer Regiment, which will be our main "Tank Crew" force. Our other combat unit is made up of the PanzerGrenadiers Grosdeutschland Divison, within Post Scriptum. Please note on application which unit you would like to join.