UPDATE.  Remember to check your junk mail or trash folder to check for your verification email.  Also, if anyone needs any help with this, please just PM me and I will take care of getting you setup.

 I just wanted to illustate how easy it is for you to register for the various new units that will be a part of Simulated Combat Group.  The technique I am using for registering for the site is centered on one main email address with just a change for each persona registered.  For instance, let's say my main email address is: jagerneun@gmail.com, well for me to register a new pilot named Gunther Lutzow, all you need to do is logout of the site and then hit "register".  Enter the your email address as follows:  jagerneun+lutzow@gmail.com.

This will allow you to keep track of your persona and you will receive your validation email at your main email address, in this case: jagerneun@gmail.com.  You can do this for as many personas as youd like.  It's the + that makes the change and the pilots last name will really keep this organized for you. I'd recommend you using the same password for every new pilot registered as this lessens the confusion.

Remember, you are responsible for keeping track of your login emails, so keep it simple, use the +(persona last name) option.  I am updating all the rosters to include the ability for you to edit in your name next to the persona.  In addition your persona will recieve a special tag listing his name which will be assigned to you, so I will have a system of pulling up all of your personas and linking them to your name.

I will update all this very soon, in the meantime....keep track of your logins....

Once you register the persona with the unit, you can go to your profile and upload your persona photo and just wait for Bodenplatte or Tank Crew to be released.  Only members who properly register within the actual units will be placed within the roster.  Each persona will have his own award program based on your DID participation as the combat unfolds.

I realize that not everyone will register for every new unit and the example below is just my way of showing how easy this can be. Although registering your persona now will lock that persona for you if and when you decide to jump into the persona and fly.

If we can get at least 4 interested pilots to fly in a listed unit the unit will be activated and ready to fight.

I've included the registration rosters below and will add interested players starting now.  This will give me a chance to gradually layout the foundation for the new system for Simulated Combat Group.  Although requiring a little effort on our members part this is the only way the website can setup the roster list to include persona photo, tags and award tracking and the other items that can be found in the roster.  In addition, once it is done the member can lock into the persona and never have to do it again.....

It should be noted that Nationalities may be used for more than one unit.  For instance, my pilot Barkhorn could have been used for any and all of the Luftwaffe units.  American pilots, same deal.  But you can't stick a Luftwaffe pilot in a AAF or VVS Squadron.  No more cross over personas allowed within a unit. 

GD Panzer Regiment will require a new persona registered as Luftwaffe pilot personas are not compatible with the Panzer Units.

No members will be placed within the roster without a minimum of Training Module 1 having been completed.  We can't be a unit if we don't train together....