Dmitrij Borisovich Glinka,

Combat record: 50 personal victories, 300 sorties, 90 encounters

Decorations: 1st Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on April 24, 1943 for 15 victories, 146 sorties as of April, 1943, 2nd Gold Star on Augst 24, 1943 after 14 more kills, The Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (5), Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star (2).

Glinka, the seventh ranking Allied fighter ace, was born in the village of Aleksandrov Dar, Krivoj Rog area, on December 10, 1917.  He began his spectacular career in the  VVS in 1937 and won his wings at Kacha military flying school two years later.  He was posted to the 45 IAP entering combat with the Luftwaffe in January, 1942.  From then on Glinka was in continuous action until the close of war, participating in the great aerial campaigns on South, North Caucasus, 3rd and 1st Ukrainian Fronts.  He was a thoroughly competent air fighter achieving a large number of his victories through surprise attacks while flying free hunt.  He gained his first combat experience of Yak-1's scoring a triple with three Junkers Ju87s on May 9, 1942.  Transition to Airacobras was accomplished in early 1943 and it was over the Kuban that Glinka won fame for displaying exceptional combat skill.  On March 31, 1943 he ran his tally to 16 and on April 15 he was a credited with destroying three enemy planes leading a mission of five Cobras.  Once over the front they immediately made contact with 30 Ju87's and 12 Bf-109s, five of these being shot down without loss.  Six days later he brought his score to 21 and was awarded his first Gold Star on this same day in recognition of 15 personal kills.  In that theater he ws shot down once in the Krymskaya area during a wild battle with Bf-109s being force to bail out close to a mountain hamlet.  Unfortunately he was too low for the canopy of his parachute to deploy and he was seriously injured in the resulting heavy fall.  he was found by peasants and carried to the Soviet lines in his parachute.  Following his recovery Glinka scored heavily during the summer of 1943 chalking up a string of 14 kills in but 37 sorties and 21 air encounters.  With his outstanding effort he met the conditions for a second Gold Star award.  His personal mount in 1943 was a P-39K, serial number 24403, and white tactical number "21" on its fuselage.  He continued to enjoy considerable success in the subsequent battles over the Crimea, Yassy, Lemberg-Sandomierz, Poland and the crumbling Reich.......More to follow.

Stalin's Eagles-An Illustrated Study of the Soviet Aces of World War II and Korea