Welcome to 4./JG52!  We are a combat flight simulation Fighter Unit composed of approximately 20 historical/role playing personas.  We utilize authentic fighter tactics and organizational techniques in keeping with the real Luftwaffe Unit we represent.  

This site does not condone or promote any ideology or political agenda from either side of this conflict.  We tolerate both the Communist red star, and the German swastika for historical purposes only.

We view pilots from all sides of this terrible conflict as men and women caught up in the political culture of this terrible time in history. Pilots who fought to survive another dreadful day, or stem the invasion of their own country and prevent the mass bombings of loved ones so far away.

"The German Aces Speak: World War II through the Eyes of Four of the Luftwaffe's Most Important Commanders" and I quote from Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF (RET):

"As a fighter pilot in two wars, I suppose I have the unique distinction in the minds of many of being one of the first combat pilots to fly fighters from the piston engine to the jet age. However, this would be untrue. It was the German pilots of the Luftwaffe who broke that barrier.

I have had the pleasure of knowing a few German pilots from World War II, most notably the late Adolf Galland, a man I respected and admired for many reasons. Galland and a handful of selected young Germans took to the skies to serve their nation, not a political agenda. Most of these men were never involved in politics, and none that I knew even supported the political ideology of their nation or its leadership.

That being said, I think that the time has come to place these men, as one must place all warriors, into the proper perspective. They were men serving their nation and doing their job. Nothing less. What I did experience firsthand was the caliber of these pilots. You had to be sharp, and on your game, or you would be killed.

Colin Heaton’s expert interviewing methods have brought these stories and these men back to life. The hardships thy endured as pilots I can readily comprehend as those are universal. However what is beyond my experience, thank God, was their struggle against their own leadership at the same time they were fighting a war of national survival.

Colin has become great friends with many of us over the years, and his focus upon even the smallest detail comes through. However, what is perhaps the most important factor is that his works, in particular this book, illustrate the humanity and chivalry felt by my enemies toward their opponents, something that sometimes gets lost in the postwar rhetoric.

This book is truly a testament to good men doing a tough job. Even though they were my enemies, I can still call them my brothers. I hold no ill will against the Germans I fought, just the opposite. I admired their skill, and feared their effectiveness, and after the war I enjoyed their company.

I hope that the rest of the world can also allow these pilots, these men, to be accepted as national heroes in their own country. They should be proud of their dedication to Germany. I am proud to have fought against such worthy adversaries, who were good men.”.