"For the rest of July II./ JG 52 would accompany the rampaging Panzers across Lithuania and into Russia proper as they drove hard for Smolensk. This was the next major town on the Moscow highway, situated almost exactly mid-way along its length, and soon to be the scene of another great ‘cauldron’ battle.Flying both Stuka- and bomber-escort sorties, as well as freie Jagd sweeps, Hauptmann Woitke’s pilots added close on another 70 kills to their overall total. 

Then, on 5 August – the very day that the last troops of the three Soviet armies trapped in the Smolensk pocket surrendered – II./ JG 52 suddenly received orders to move. Leaving its base outside Vitebsk, to the northwest of the ‘cauldron’, the Gruppe (together with elements of JG 27) transferred 200 miles (320 km) northwards to Solzy.

Here, close to Lake Ilmen, it came under the command of the northern sector’s Luftflotte 1. And it was along this northernmost stretch of the front, from Lake Ilmen up to Leningrad, on the Baltic, that the unit would operate throughout August and September."

Weal, John (2012-10-23). Jagdgeschwader 52: The Experten (Aviation Elite Units) Osprey Publishing.